Car ownership in Singapore can be a complicated affair. However, a car lease let’s you enjoy the full benefits of personal mobility whilst freeing you from the complexities and risks with purchasing a car.

Choosing a car to lease is as simple as shopping for one. Simply decide on the make and model of your choice, your car’s preferred colour and accessories, and the duration that you would like to drive your car for. A fixed monthly lease rate based on your lease tenure is then calculated and you only need to pay monthly for as long as your contract lasts.

A car lease also takes away the financial hassles of car ownership so you can focus on enjoying the drive.

No downpayment

0% Downpayment

Purchasing a car in Singapore requires you to pay a 40% or 30% cash downpayment, depending on your car’s Open Market Value (OMV). This can be a rather sizeable amount given the high prices of cars in Singapore. However when you lease a car, you are not required to pay a hefty downpayment and the opportunity cost you save from a high upfront cash payment could well mean other possibilities for you to enjoy. Like investing in your home.


Financial freedom

No Risks of Depreciation

The constant fluctuations in Certificate of Entitlement (COE) supply and prices makes the prices of cars extremely unpredictable and volatile. This makes it difficult to foresee the future value of your vehicle as it largely depends on the future prices of cars based on the prevailing COE costs. In a car lease, we bear the depreciation risks of your vehicle’s future value and you only need to pay the monthly lease rate that was agreed upon at the start of your contract – thus giving you a clear view of your finances throughout your lease.


car lease

Avoid Negative Equity Situations

Negative equitiy often arises when your unpaid loan amount with interest is higher than the actual value of your car. This is usually the result of asset depreciation or other unforeseen circumstances. A car lease however doesn’t expose you to the risks of your vehicle’s depreciation. And because you are not financing your car with a loan, you’re also not exposed to the risk of finding yourself in any negative equity situation.