A common question faced by most companies is the impact of rising operating costs when a vehicle fleet grows. The answer to this can be easily found in an Operating Lease – an efficient and transparent business mobility solution to keep your costs in check by guaranteeing a fixed monthly cost throughout the use of the vehicle.

The Operating Lease will enable fleet operators and businesses that rely on their fleet for revenue generation to plan and budget for fixed costs throughout each vehicle’s operational lifespan, thus providing complete clarity and control over operating costs. Furthermore, our fleet managers will provide a dedicated support to your fleet operations by ensuring that your vehicles are always in top form to perform their job. This frees businesses from the logistical challenges that come with maintaining a vehicle fleet or the need to constantly keep an eye on their vehicle’s performance.

Having full control over operating costs also gives business controllers an added advantage in managing operational profitability as an Operating Lease mitigates the need to capitalise asset costs or bear the risks of asset depreciation. And unlike loans, the Operating Lease also helps remove a company’s exposure to negative equity situations due to it being a fixed cost in nature.

Get in touch with today to share about your operating requirements or challenges, and our fleet management team will provide the necessary consultation to find the most cost effective solution that ensures your business stays in the black.