The corporate car programme from Daimler Fleet Management offers human resource professionals with a solution to provide employees with a unique benefits scheme that places organisations ahead of others.

Our fleet managers with years of experience working with HR professionals across different industries will partner you in identifying the needs of your organisation and to provide tailored solutions that meet the mobility requirements of individuals.

Employee Car Scheme

Staying ahead of the game to attract and retain top talent in organisations have become key strategic goals for many companies in an increasingly competitive labour market. The employee car scheme gives companies the opportunity to reward key employees with a unique and effective car benefit that also empowers them with personal mobility to do business anywhere. Our comprehensive Full Service Lease programme can be tailored according to the needs of your organisation so as to offer a structured car benefit programme to your employees in-lieu of unstructured cash alternatives such as transport allowances. This zero downpayment, monthly fixed cost mobility solution that comes inclusive of vehicle maintenance and insurance also gives companies full control in managing costs and poses less risks than simply providing drivers with unstructured cash allowances.

Expatriate Car Scheme

Driving a car in Singapore may be a necessity, especially if you have a family with young children. However, purchasing a car is also a major hassle for many expatriates on short- to mid-term stays in Singapore. The Expatriate Car Scheme provides a leasing solution to expatriates who need a car by relieving them of the need to contend with paying a hefty downpayment, high COE prices and registration taxes when making a purchase. It also relieves them of the worry of selling the car at the end of their stay, especially in a market where car prices are hardly certain.

Our experienced team of fleet managers will also undertake the administrative tasks of ensuring that expatriates fulfil local driving requirements as well as managing all matters pertaining to their vehicle, including traffic fines.

Our leasing package comes with following benefits for a complete peace of mind:

  • Comprehensive motor insurance with a Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and liability reduction cover (loss/damage cover)
  • Annual road tax and vehicle licensing fees
  • Vehicle maintenance & servicing throughout the lease
  • 24-hour Customer Care Centre and roadside assistance service for Singapore
  • Wear & tear replacements such as tires, wiper blades and car batteries
  • On location vehicle pick-up and exchange service for all servicing and repair needs, even in the event of an accident.
  • Unlimited mileage with usage in Peninsular Malaysia