The Full Service Lease is our flagship car lease programme that allows you to drive a car for an agreed period of time and at a fixed monthly rate that also covers most common costs associated with the ownership of a car.

The Full Service Lease arrangement not only let’s you drive the car of your choice for your preferred period, but also includes other services that relieve you from the hassles of actual car ownership and thus allowing you to focus on the other aspects of driving a car in Singapore. Excluding the costs of fuel, the Full Service Lease gives you added clarity on your finances when driving by letting you budget for fixed costs based on the monthly lease rate of your car.

Lease Duration

Brand-new vehicles of any make and model can be leased for between 12 and 84 months, depending on your needs. Used cars in our fleet can be leased from 1 month or longer and is subject to the current availability.

Benefits of the Full Service Lease

In addition to the actual vehicle, the monthly lease rate quoted for the car of your choice and contract period also comes inclusive of the following:

  • Comprehensive Motor Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) cover
  • Liability Reduction Cover (Loss/Damage Cover)
  • Annual Vehicle Road Tax
  • Full vehicle Maintenance & servicing throughout the contract
  • 24-hour Customer Care Centre with roadside assistance service for Singapore
  • Tires, batteries and other wear & tear replacements
  • Mandatory LTA vehicle inspection costs
  • A replacement vehicle during scheduled maintenance service and repair
  • On location vehicle pick-up and exchange service applicable for all servicing, repair needs, mandatory vehicle inspections and in the event of an accident
  • Unlimited mileage usage
  • Usage in West Malaysia permitted

The Full Service Lease also allows you to enjoy a complete peace of mind because our dedicated team of fleet managers will handle the day-to-day administrative tasks that usually comes when driving a car in Singapore, such as:

  • Traffic offence handling
  • Insurance claims
  • Road tax renewal

Other Complimentary Services Offered

  • Complimentary short term vehicle upgrade (*Subject to availability)
  • Special rates to spouse for second car
  • Lease extension services

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