Where style meets business sense. The Citan 360° Lease.


Stylish and attractive, yet reliable and efficient. These are characteristics that embody the Mercedes-Benz Citan by combining modern, functional design with the latest in fuel efficient diesel technology.

Together with the Citan 360° Lease, you now gain a reliable business partner that covers your operational needs while levelling the cost of running your vehicle so you can focus on driving your business. The Citan 360° Lease combines all the benefits of leasing with a comprehensive range of services such as:

  • Full vehicle maintenance & servicing throughout
  • Personal Accident Insurance with 3rd party Liability Coverage
  • Oil change and wear & tear replacements such as tyres and batteries

And when it comes to running your business, you can appreciate the value of even, predictable expenses to provide a sound basis for planning your operations:

  • No vehicle downpayment
  • Fixed monthly payments that include annual motor insurance and road tax
  • No exposure to depreciation risks or negative equity situations associated with your Citan
  • Maintenance and servicing throughout the lease contract, even after warranty

*Monthly rate for a 84-months lease based on a Cat C COE price of $58,000. Price excludes GST and is subject to change without prior notice.

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